Abstract Art with Artist Genecia Ng

On our pursuit for like-minded artists, we recently came across Abstract Artist Genecia Ng and her unique works of art.
Like moths drawn to a flame, we could not resist the temptation to reach out and have her in for a short interview.

Hi Genecia Ng, tell me a little more about yourself please.

Hello! I’m Genecia Ng, most people call me Gen in short. I’m a full-time marketer on weekdays, and a self-taught abstract artist on weekends. I studied design for my diploma; took up communications and marketing in uni.

Tell me more about your childhood, what got you into art and when did you discover your innate flair for art?

Honestly, I can’t recall when was the pivotal time in my life that I started exposing myself to art. My dad once told me my paternal grandfather was good at drawing; my cousins and my siblings are also creatively inclined so perhaps it runs in the family.
I don’t remember actively drawing or painting when I was younger except for school curriculum. And I’ve always loved hands-on activities, so D&T class in high school was one of my favourite periods.
I really just enjoy the process of creating something out of nothing haha. Plus, I don’t think I am academically inclined because theories bore me, so I took up Interactive Media Design course back when I was in Temasek Poly. I guess, I attribute my love for art and my innate flair for art to my poly days, which I believe was nurtured then.

What did you do before dabbling in your current art style? Did you explore other art forms?

Besides acrylic and watercolor, I’ve never been exposed to other mediums. It’s only when I started ArtelierByGen that I began to learn from Youtube and through trial and error that have successfully helped me explore resin to make seascape coasters and as a finishing for my paintings. Recently I’ve started exploring polymer clay and I am planning to try acrylic inks next.

I noticed that you usually paint and create beautiful scenery/abstract wall art. Where do you get your inspirations from?

My inspiration comes from a little bit of everything. I draw inspiration from nature, random ah-ha moments, social media feeds and Pinterest. Often times, inspiration comes during the process of painting and I would find myself thinking, “hmm…I don’t know what I am doing.” But it’s okay, I believe art is supposed to be carefree, random, illogical and revel being lost in the moment.

The Tapestry Of Life (2021) by Artist Genecia Ng
The Tapestry Of Life (2021) by Artist Genecia Ng

What are some of the challenges you’ve experienced working as an artist? Do you get full support from your parents/relatives?

I have a few challenges; I’ll name some prominent ones.

Firstly, I don’t think I actually have a distinct style that shouts ‘ArtelierByGen’ or ‘Gen’. I am a stickler for clean and minimalist art but as I progress, I’ve learned to be bolder and louder with each new order adding to my portfolio. It’s a continuous learning process for me.

Secondly, the nature of my orders are custom commissions, there are times when I am faced with self-doubt, unsure if I could fulfil client’s request. With art being subjective, what I find favorable may be otherwise for my clients and vice versa. Feeling the pressure and nervousness has become part of the drill when I work on my paintings haha. That said, I am always immensely grateful and thankful for the trust my clients have given me, which strives me to honour their trust and do my level best in every of my commission.

Lastly, is the challenge of having a proper storage and conducive space. One of the main reasons why I do primarily custom paintings is, I lack sufficient space to store paintings. I, too, shuffle between my room and living room to paint depending on the size of the canvas. Support wise, my parents are pleasantly supportive. Between my parents, my dad is my avid fan. He gets more excited than me when he sees me working on new orders and encourages me to scale greater heights. Sometimes, he also helps me with wrapping the paintings.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists who wish to pick up this art form?

I’ll definitely say, JUST DO IT. Stay curious, inspired and do whatever that your heart desires. You wouldn’t know if you liked or enjoyed it until you try. It may not turn out well on first try, but it will as you go along. I believe art is not something only for the gifted or talented but a skill that can be picked up, explored and learned. To me, everyone has creativity inside them yet to be nurtured and discovered.

How do you feel about the art scene in Singapore?

Though still conservative, I do see the art scene gradually blooming and thriving in some areas like the art festivals and exhibitions.

What do you do outside of Art commissions? Any plans to go into the industry full time? How about your future plans?

Outside of art commissions, I’m a full-time marketer. Going into the industry full time, having my own art studio and/or gallery is my dream. I hope to inspire and teach art and conduct workshops in future. Having experienced art as a therapy during the toughest time of my life, I hope to create a safe space for people to enjoy art and allow the process of creation to heal their soul.

Any further thoughts?

Don’t be afraid to try; don’t be afraid to fail.

Wow, definitely some wise words from Abstract Artist Genecia Ng. For more of her works, do follow her on her Instagram @ArtelierbyGen. Thanks Gen and we look forward to more of your works!

If you’re an aspiring artist and looking for a shoutout or collaboration, please feel free to contact us!

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