Art Content Creator: Influencer Karina Ardianti Muliana

Today, we are graced by the presence of an influencer and art content creator – Karina Ardianti Muliana, with over 70,000 followers on Tiktok.

Hello, please tell us more about yourself!

Hi! My name is Karina Ardianti Muliana. I go by Karina, or Karin. My social media handle is @Kelincidoodle. I’m quite active on Tiktok and Instagram. People online usually call me “Kelinci”, which roughly translates to “Rabbit”. I’m 22 years old, and I’m an illustrator and I’m also an art content creator.

We believe that you love creating creative artworks based around Watercolours? Where do you usually get your inspirations from?

I get my inspirations from food, I’m a huge foodie. I also get my inspirations from Indonesian culture.

What made you want to practice art? How do you express yourself through art? Do you feel that this is sustainable as a career? Does being an ‘influencer’ change your perception towards the art scene?

Spiderman Art Commission by Artist and art content creator Karina Ardianti Muliana
Spiderman Art Commission by Artist Karina

So I grew up in a small town in Indonesia, and honestly the thought of pursuing art as a career is almost nonexistent when I was younger. However as time went on, people are more open to that idea, so I took that leap of faith.

Thank god I was able to pursue that path because I don’t know what else I’d be doing besides art. Currently we live in an era where we cannot escape from technology.

As you know, art and technology go hand in hand. With technology becoming so advanced, choosing to work in the creative industry now is such a good investment.

May I know how you started on your journey as an artist?

I’ve always loved drawing ever since I was young. When I started out drawing, there were no videos or internet ‘How-To’ tutorials.
So I learned everything by looking at other artists, through comic books and cartoons.
Then after high school, I decided to go to art school and pursue a creative career.

What are your favourite designs/pieces? How long did you take to complete those pieces?

Japanese-inspired concept art, by art content creator and influencer Artist Karina Ardianti Muliana
Japanese-inspired Concept Art, Artist Karina Ardianti Muliana

My favourite piece would have to be the Japanese-inspired concept art I made for my college assignment. It was actually inspired by Futamigaura beach, located in Fukuoka Japan.
I enjoyed the whole process making it because I had to create a whole narrative surrounding it. It was so fun, and it has a special place in my heart.

What’s your plan for the near future? Where do you see yourself at this stage in your life?

I plan to continue to work in the creative industry. Whether it be in the Indonesian creative industry, or maybe perhaps the international scene. But I do plan to continue to produce quality artworks for people to enjoy and love.

Digital Illustration by Artist Karina Ardianti Muliana
Digital Illustration by Artist Karina Ardianti Muliana

How’s the art scene like in Indonesia? In your opinion, what do you wish to improve regarding the arts scene in your country?

Indonesia has some of the best and brightest creative talents I’ve ever seen. However sadly, a lot of them do not get the recognition they deserve. So a lot of them fizzle out of existence, or quit art entirely which is such a shame.

That is actually one of my motivations on becoming an Indonesian art content creator. I want to reach out to them and tell them that they should not give up because art is indeed a viable and amazing career.

Any parting words for the readers out there?

Well I sincerely hope that we can continue to inspire young talents out there, that’s all!

Thanks Karina! Wishing you the best in your career journey as an art content creator.

If you love her works, be sure to check out her social media @kelincidoodle. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our other aspiring artists as well!

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