Art Jamming Ideas: Comic Drawing Themes Singapore

Comics – Bringing out the inner child in you. Most of us have a certain character they relate to when growing up. Whether from anime or cartoons or even television programmes, we all have our memorable characters in mind. At the essence of all art jamming cartoon and comic drawing themes, Comic drawing is usually the foundation to kick start things off.

The colours used are usually brighter and more vibrant colours to add life to the portrait. On this note, the following are some comic themes art works done under the guidance and expertise of Singapore Artist Celine Chia:

Totoro Comic Drawing
Totoro Comic Drawing

Warm colours were used for the background to show the contrast between the grey, blue and white characters. Draw the outline of the 3 characters first, followed by working on the background, before overlapping with the main subject.
Simple blending is applied to highlight the skin tones of the 3 characters. The colours used are warm grey, phthalo blue and pearl white were used for the characters, while dusty pink is used for the background.

Art Jamming Portrait - Elsa
Art Jamming Portrait – Elsa
Daisy Duck Acrylic Art Jamming
Daisy Duck Acrylic Art Jamming
Minnie Mouse art jamming
Minnie Mouse Art Jamming

Trace out the Subject (Elsa, Minnie and Daisy)  first, followed by working on the background. Outline the features of the subject and the rest of the drawing afterwards.

Elsa –  Light baby blue is applied for the background and colours used for Elsa are pastel yellow, light yellow and beige.

Daisy – Light Purple is applied for the background, for daisy, the colours used are white, light blue (shadow), light pink, dark pink (outline for the ribbon), orange and blue.

Minnie – Baby pink is applied for the background. For Minnie herself, the colours used are magenta, black and beige.

One Piece Chopper
One Piece Chopper

Start off with drawing the subject matter. The background layer is applied first and the colours used are teal green or tiffany green. For Chopper, the colours used are brown, orange, rose pink, phthalo blue, ultramarine blue, beige, dark yellow and white and black. Outline the drawing of chopper using a permanent marker.

Zenitsu Demon Slayer Acrylic Art Jamming
Zenitsu Demon Slayer Acrylic Art Jamming

Draw the subject matter first. Colour the background with dark blue, and make sure not to colour the lightning streaks. To achieve the glow of the lightning streaks, teal green and white are used, with green covering the edges of the streaks. Colour the subject afterwards. The colours used are beige, yellow, white, brown and grey and black. Outline the clothes using dark brown and the layers of the hair and features using black permanent marker.

Paddington Bear Comic Drawing
Paddington Bear

The colours used for the background are grass green. For the subject matter, white, pink, beige, orange, red, royal blue, light brown and dark brown are used.

Stitch Comic Drawing Singapore
Stitch Acrylic Art

In this case, we use turquoise for the background. For stitch, the colours used are phthalo blue, cerulean blue, black and light red and pink. For Angel, baby pink and dark pink are used.

More Comic Drawing Themes:

We Bare Bears Comic Drawing
We Bare Bears Comic Drawing

Tiffany green is used for the background.

For Ice bear (Left), the colours used are white, Dark (warm) grey and light grey and black.
For Pan Pan (middle), the colours used are dark grey, black, and white.
As for Grizzly (right), the colours used are oak brown, black and sand.
Last but not least, for the doughnuts, the colours used are tiffany green, sand, beige, terracotta, fuchsia pink, mocha brown.

Franco Mobile Legends Acrylic Art
Franco Mobile Legends

Blend Royal Blue and dark green for the background.

For the subject, colours used are dark grey, light grey, beige, orange, lemon yellow and black.

For comic drawing themes in art jamming, every subject is relatively centralised. One has to take into consideration the position of the subject matter prior to painting. The features and outline of the subject is usually done last. Check out our other beginner friendly art jamming themes!

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