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Abstract Art in Singapore is usually the simplest and yet most complex piece of artwork as you are essentially creating something out of nothing. No reference object, no subject matter, everything is subjected to the audience’s own perception.

The following are some works of abstract art done by Artist Celine Chia, and today we get a deeper insight into how she perceives these works of art:

Abstract Art Singapore: Candy Swirl (Mint Green & Baby Pink)
Abstract Art: Candy Swirl (Mint Green & Baby Pink)

The interpretation of this artwork is that this comes in a pair. This piece of work was designed to highlight and bring out the appeal and attractiveness as if one walks into a candy shop. Hence the name ‘candy swirl’. This artwork was done in a pair to emphasise the cheerleader effect, that causes one to think individuals are more attractive when they are in a group. This pairing greatly compliments each other and the colours used in this artwork has a unique and dynamic layering that compels one to look deeper. It has a distinct flow that generates a rippling effect, as if the painting is still wet.

The World From Above (2020), Artist Celine Chia
The World From Above (2020), Artist Celine Chia, Abstract

An aerial view. So simple. Yet so elegant. This piece of artwork was done during the covid lockdown in March 2020, where everyone was stuck at home and unable to travel. Artist Celine Chia wanted to travel and used her perception to view what it’s like being on an airplane and looking down from above, to see the mountainous land, the tumultuous seas and the freedom only available through experiencing it in the skies. This piece of work has a soothing and calming effect, like the slushing of the waves in calm waters against the stillness of the sand.

The Darkest Bloom (2020), Artist Celine Chia, Abstract Art in Singapore
The Darkest Bloom (2020), Artist Celine Chia, Abstract

This piece of artwork was inspired by the tenacity of mother nature, and how plants are the longest living organisms since the Triassic period, before the dawn of the dinosaurs. This piece of artwork highlights the strength of plants being able to survive even in the harshest environment, as seen from the patches of green in the desert, as well as the algae and aquatic plants thriving under the deepest blue sea.

Bridge The Divide (2020), Artist Celine Chia, Abstract Art in Singapore
Bridge The Divide (2020), Artist Celine Chia, Abstract

There’s a few layers to this artwork. The bridge is represented by the two ebbs of current flow, flowing and counter-flowing in opposite directions. This producing a vortex effect in the middle.

She was inspired by the ugliness and darkside of human nature, as evident from the darkness seeping into the picture, slowly eroding and corroding the lands and seas. The ‘bridge’ transports this darkness to the surrounding waters, the beautiful and pristine islands, and pale-green foliage. This in turn, causes the surrounding waters to become murky, the islands to turn dirty, and lead the foliage to ruins. Humans are usually the main cause behind this division, as evident from the separation of the islands by the deep, dark and murky waters.

Another interpretation places this portrait in a brighter light, which is such that in spite of the darker areas, we are still looking to better ourselves. There is always a brighter day ahead, the grass is always greener on the other side, as we work towards bridging this divide and overcoming the obstacles that seek to put us down.

Abstract Art in Action

To sum up, Abstract Art in Singapore comes in many forms and variations. Different people have differing views on how they perceive it. Fundamentally, it may seem simple to create, but at the same time another view could easily contrast your outlook. Try it for yourself and you may be amazed at how a picture can really speak a thousand words.

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