Art Jamming

What is Art Jamming

Art Jamming in Singapore is a social norm in the art scene where people come together to let loose and expand their creativity. The freedom of expression usually varies in different forms, depending on their mood, culture and lifestyle. Art Jamming helps to bring people from various backgrounds together through a common interest – Art.

Many people have stress pent up from their work or personal lives and are unable to express themselves fully. Our Art Jamming (Singapore) workshops provides a platform for each and every one to vent out their emotions and convey onto the canvas. Each and every art piece usually depicts how the person is feeling at that particular point in time. Depending on the landscape or character they are drawing, different emotions can be conveyed and portrayed if one analyses the piece of work.

Art is a freedom of expression, and allows you to fully embrace and be true to yourself. Through self-reflection and internalisation, you can be sure to watch your thoughts and ideas come into fruition and fill up the canvas! So pick up a paintbrush and start jamming today!

Art Jamming Ideas

Are you a beginner and looking to venture into the field of the arts? Look no further as we have plenty of beginner-friendly Art Jamming (Singapore) ideas to guide you along! Whether you’re interested in Abstract, AnimeComics, Cubism, Minimalist Style, Pet portraits,Realism, Scenery. There’s something in it for everyone! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so don’t be afraid to try! Take a leap of faith and have fun while enriching yourself while jamming!

Abstract Art is the epitome of simplicity and elegance, yet provides a shade and hint of deception. Not everything is as it seems and every art work has a deeper meaning to it. Uncover the various points of view from Artist Celine Chia’s perspective and watch how she creates her very own Abstract Artworks!

RIP the legendary Kentaro Miura, author of Berserk. To honour his works, Singapore Artist Celine Chia shares on how to create Chibi Art for anime characters and more! Check out her beginner-friendly Anime Art Jamming works today!

Looking to reminisce your childhood with comic drawings ? Check out our Art Jamming articles involving Comic themes to give yourself a boost to your day ahead!

Cubism Art defies the usual art plane that we are used to, and transports us to a different dimension. Check out Cubism Art made easy with Artist Celine Chia, as we break down the techniques to create your own unique art style, as well as share some of our students’ works of art.

Simplicity is the keynote of all elegance. As the name suggests, the simplistic or minimalist art style only requires a few simple and basic shades/tones and yet manages to bring out a satisfying sense of elegance. This art style gives off a very calm and soothing vibes. It is very pleasing to the eye and it seeks to divert your attention from reality and provide you a sense of escapism when you stare into the canvas. Check out how to create your own Minimalist Art Style!

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. Your eyes are the window to your soul. Read more to find our how to draw your very own pet portraits!

Ever experienced a food so delicious that you want everyone else to live in the moment? Perhaps an experience so surreal you have to see it to believe it? Or even seeing a majestic animal that enraptures and encapsulates your attention? From elephants to delicious ambrosia, Artist Celine Chia shares more about the techniques to paint these paintings. Check out our Realism Art Jamming ideas!

Painting a scenery is a therapeutic process. It is beginner-friendly and perfect for starting off your first art jamming session. Get started with Scenery Art Jamming today!

Benefits of Art Jamming

  1. Therapeutic Process – Art Jamming allows one to enjoy what art has to offer while keeping a calm and composed mindset. While painting your very own masterpiece, the mixing of various paints and continuous brushstrokes provides a sense of comfort and therapeutic experience that seeks to calm the inner mind and soothe the tumultuous soul.


  2. Ethereal Experience – Art Jamming allows one to leave the physical and free the shackles of the human soul. While artists are immersed in creating their masterpieces, they tend to be transported to their own realm while leaving their worries and concerns behind.


  3. Enriching and Educational – Seek knowledge and expertise beyond what the traditional textbook offers. Upgrade yourself with the relevant skills through experiential learning and defying the norm. From learning about the elements of art to getting started with the colour palette, check out what art has in store for you today!


  4. Art Expressionism – Redefy the laws of reality and let your imagination take flight. Paint and express yourself through your works of art without conforming to societal norms. There is no prejudice or stereotype in art, so feel free to express your innermost thoughts and desires without holding anything back. Art is always here for you.


  5. Art Journaling – They say a picture paints a thousand words. Just like the concept of keeping a diary, art jamming can help to log pieces and aspects of your life, especially the moments that truly matter. We can capture these fleeting and precious moments and seal them in a canvas before they’re gone forever; revisit and reminisce whenever we feel down, or even utilise them for a dose of epiphany.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does Art Jamming sessions usually last?

    On average, every art jamming session takes about 1.5h to 2h for a regular sized canvas, inclusive of the time taken for the paint to dry. However, the duration can change depending on considerations such as the complexity of the artwork and the size of the canvas.

  • What type of artworks are the easiest to draw or recreate for Art Jamming?

    In general, we do not restrict anyone from drawing or painting anything they prefer. In fact, we highly welcome your inquisitive and brilliant minds to create your own unique masterpieces. Some of the more common Art Jamming themes range from Minimalist Art to Cartoon and Anime style. Those who are more proficient can recreate a Realism style or even Pet Portraits of their beloved pets!

  • Do you need to know art to participate in Art Jamming?

    No, you do not need to have an ounce of expertise in art to participate in our Art Jamming sessions.  Come with an open mind and positive attitude to ensure an enriching and fulfilling Art Jamming Session!

At ccmonstersart, our studio is conducive and perfect for you to focus your thoughts into creating your very own masterpieces. Our main artist, Celine Chia is really dedicated towards her profession and never fails to share her expertise to help each and every student work towards creating their very own masterpiece. This is especially helpful for newcomers, who may be lost and lack the expertise to start. Celine will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Need more art jamming ideas? Or simply a break from reality? Give our Art Jamming (Singapore) workshops a go and be amazed and how this experience can change your perception towards the art scene. You never know how badly you need something until you’ve truly immersed yourself in it. Sign Up Now or stay in touch with our latest art jamming updates via our socials!