Squid Game Crafts Ideas - Face Changing Craft by Artist Celine Chia

Squid Game Crafts: Easy DIY for Beginners

In love with the Squid Game? How about creating some Squid Game Crafts to keep up to date with the trend! This article teaches you on the steps to create your own Squid Game Face Changing Craft. It’s easy to make and the materials are readily available!

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Jester (2021), Cubism Art made Easy with Artist Celine Chia

Cubism Portrait Ideas: Cubism Art Made Easy

Looking for unique art ideas for kids? Cubism Art defies the usual art plane that we are used to, and transports us to a different dimension. Check out Cubism Art made easy with Artist Celine Chia, as we break down the techniques to create your own unique art style, as well as share some of our students’ works of art.

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Ndp crafts 2021 - Pop-up City by Jooha, 6 y/o

NDP Crafts 2021: Pop-up Garden City Singapore

With NDP round the corner, check out our NDP crafts – the pop up city, where artist Celine Chia shares about the significance of Singapore landmarks as well as a step by step guide on how to draw them. Find out how to draw Vanda Miss Joaquim, MBS, Flower Dome and more!

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