Corporate Art Commissions

At ccmonstersart, we offer a diverse set of corporate art commissions available, no matter which industry you’re in. Our community of artists have serviced clients from a wide range of industries, from Food & Beverage to the Arts and even private and corporate collections.

Benefits of Corporate Art Commissions

  1. Professionalism – All our artists’ works of art are of utmost quality and matches what the industry standard has to offer.
  2. Out of the box – Our ideas are unique and differ from the norm. Our works are fun and whacky accompanied with a tinge of artistic and aesthetic appeal. 
  3. Impactful – Our art works seek to evoke certain emotions from the target audience and make a lasting impression on them. We bring you and your brand closer to the hearts of your desired audiences.

Brand Storytelling

The Most Non Essential Game Ever Created (Desktop View)
Art in the Metaverse

Is your brand trying to portray yourself differently? Are you sick and tired of seeing similar ads being blasted in your face? Tell an inspirational story with our team of copywriters and break free from the norm today!

Cafe Art Gallery

Check out some of these abstract art by our artist Genecia Ng, which hangs in cafes and private collections! Let her works speak for themselves as we appreciate the beauty that art has to offer.

Logo Design

Hvala Merchandise Logo
Hvala Logo Design

Starting your own personal brand and need a logo design? Or perhaps looking to rehash your brand logo? Our works of art definitely don’t disappoint!

Music Composing

Looking for an original sound track to your brand? With so many music streaming platforms out there flooding the industry, is music truly unique anymore? At ccmonstersart, we have our team of music composers who make original music that will definitely calm the mind and soothe the soul.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO really? Is it really necessary in the creative field? Well, if you found us through the keywords you typed in the search bar, you’ll know that we let the results speak for itself.

Social Media Posts

Social Media Post for Crafune, leather crafting workshop
Social Media Post For Crafune

Social media is the norm for every business nowadays. If your company is looking to cut through all the noise, and differentiate yourself from your competitors, we offer plenty of opportunities to do so!

Looking for Corporate Art Commissions? Contact us for more details!