Corporate Art Workshops SIngapore - Assembly of Starry Night

Corporate Art Workshops Singapore

Ccmonsersart Corporate Art Workshops (Singapore) serves as a platform to enrich, guide and inculcate the value of the arts while bridging the gap and stigma towards this non-essential service.
More often than not, there is a distinct stereotype towards the art scene in Singapore and Ccmonstersart aims to change this pre-dominant mindset.

Our 4 hour workshop provides valuable information and teaches participants how to recognise and express themselves better, identify and communicate with their colleagues as well as promote mental wellness and workplace wellbeing in a fun-filled, stress-free environment. More importantly, it gives the participant confidence in learning about art expressionism, decreases stigmatising attitudes, and helps individuals identify, understand, and appreciate their colleagues and workplace better. 

Key Takeaways from our Corporate Art Workshops

By the end of the workshop(s), participants will be able to foster and takeaway:

  • Art Expressionism
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Educational Learning
  • Deeper Appreciation for the Arts beyond the textbook
  • Team Bonding
  • Friendship & Belonging
  • Stress-free workplace
  • Mental Wellness & Workplace Wellbeing
  • Align Common Goals and Values
  • Customised Souvenir
  • Personalised Experience


Active participation and engagement from participants is required to make this a fulfilling learning experience. These, combined with independent learning from participants will enrich and boost their workshop experience. All relevant details regarding the activities covered can be found on our blog. Participants will collaborate to solve problems, find solutions, and discuss common everyday communication issues while having fun and making an artistic mess. All workshop materials will be provided by ccmonstersart.

List of Corporate Art Workshops Packages:

  1. Corporate Art Jamming (Group)
    • Assembly of Starry Night
    • Customised Portrait
  2. Mini Canvas Painting (Individual)
    • Freestyle
    • Abstract
  3. Customised Birthday Cake (Individual)
    • DIY Craft
  4. Mini Coaster Painting (Individual)
    • Ceramic

Workshop Guidance

The workshop will be delivered through a hands on session, where participants are free to let their creative juices flow while making an artistic mess in a stress-free, fun-filled environment. Participants will be given the opportunity to let their imagination take flight and curate their very own personalised masterpiece.

Corporate Art Jamming (Group) – Assembly of Starry Night

Corporate Art Jamming is a group effort where each and every participant will come together to form a  group of 4-5 and recreate a portrait. All hands are on deck as each group will work together to finish one part of the canvas. Participants are given the opportunity to mingle and chat with one another while working together to transform their artistic mess into a creative masterpiece.

The Corporate Art Jamming helps to foster team bonding among the participants as they strive and work together with a common goal in mind – the Assembly of Starry Night, one of Van Gogh’s most renown masterpiece. To add on, this project will prove to be educational to many, as our artists impart their knowledge to the participants and enable them to foster a deeper appreciation for the arts beyond the textbook.

Corporate Art Jamming Workshops Singapore: Assembly of Starry Night
Image is for Reference Only. Actual Number of Canvases may Differ Depending on Participants

Through this project, ccmonstersart allows all participants to better express their innermost thoughts and feelings in a positive, non-judgemental environment. This platform helps to alleviate the cumulative stress that the participants may be experiencing in their day-to-day work or family life and allows every participant to vent their thoughts and frustrations on canvas.

This in turn, helps work towards a stress-free work environment where each and every participant can nurture their mental wellness and workplace wellbeing. With better work culture and environment, this will in turn generate more productive participants that will add value to the organisation.

In the process of working towards their masterpiece, this project helps align every participant’s individual goals and values towards a more collective goal.

This enables the participants to present a more unified front as they work towards a common goal in mind. This mindset is highly applicable to their daily lives as well, while they work hand in hand towards the organisation’s business philosophy.

The Assembly of Starry Night provides an intrinsic motivation for participants to go beyond their comfort zone and connect with their inner self to gain a better understanding of themselves, while cultivating their love towards the arts.

The default portrait for our Corporate Art Jamming (Group) is Assembly Of Starry Night. Should you be keen for another customised portrait, do let us know accordingly so that we can prepare the relevant materials.

Mini Canvas Painting (Individual)

Mini Canvas Painting | ccmonstersart
Mini Canvas Painting

The Mini Canvas Painting workshop is divided into 2 aspects, namely Freestyle Mini Canvas Painting or Abstract Mini Canvas Painting. Participants are given the freedom to choose either, with the option of topping up the difference.

As the name suggests, the Freestyle Mini Canvas Painting enables participants the creative freedom to express themselves and paint any subject they choose. Participants can paint anything they want, from animals to plants and even scenery. More information regarding Mini Canvas Painting can be found on our blog.

For the Abstract Mini Canvas Painting, participants are taught the pour paint technique where they are given the tools and resources to apply what they’ve learnt, with the end goal of achieving their very own abstract masterpieces.

More information regarding Abstract Mini Canvas Painting can be found on our blog as well.

Customised Birthday Cake (Individual)

Customised Birthday Cake Craft
Customised Birthday Cake Craft

For the Customised Birthday Cake Workshop, participants will be taught the steps to create their own customised DIY cake. The cake is a perfect gift for anyone who’s birthday is upcoming or simply as a souvenir and keepsake from the workshop.

Here’s a relevant blog article to create your own Customised Birthday Cake.

Ceramic Coaster Painting (Individual)
Ceramic Coaster Making workshop
Ceramic Coaster Painting

For the Ceramic Coaster Painting Workshop, participants will be given a ceramic coaster, where they can paint their choice of subject onto the coaster. The whole process is guided by our capable artists and every participant will be entitled their own ceramic coaster at the end of the workshop. The Ceramic Coaster is very applicable in everyday life and goes along well with your hot drinks!

Find out more about Ceramic Coaster Painting!

Value Added Services

Upon the completion of  Ccmonstersart’s Corporate Art Workshop, all participants will be entitled a Ccmonstersart exclusive Tote Bag, as a keepsake alongside their own masterpieces from the workshop.

As a form of gesture and good will, Ccmonstersart will also dedicate 6 social media posts (3 Facebook and 3 Instagram) to promote and raise awareness for the organisation.
In addition, Ccmonstersart will also craft an article for the institution’s website. All images, copyrighting and collaterals will be submitted to the organisation for permission and vetting before being uploaded onto the respective platforms.

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