Demon Slayer Artwork: Tanjiro Nezuko & Rengoku Fanart

With Kimetsu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer) the anime trending on Netflix globally, this week we pay tribute to this anime masterpiece where most main characters die. (No spoilers there)
Artist Celine Chia will be doing her own rendition of Demon Slayer Artwork, featuring characters from the anime like Tanjiro, Nezuko and Rengoku fanart. The main medium used for her Demon Slayer Artwork is Gouache.
Here are the timelapses and steps to recreate your own rendition of their fanart.

Materials Needed for Demon Slayer Artwork:

  • Pencil
  • 0.1 mm Micron Pen
  • Watercolour/Gouache Brushes
  • Watercolour Paper (230-300 GSM or more)
  • Gouache
  • Water
  • Washi Tape
  • White pen
  • Ruler (optional)

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Fanart

Demon Slayer Artwork – Tanjiro Fanart Time Lapse

Firstly, we start off our Tanjiro fanart with taping the top border of your watercolour paper with washi tape.

Secondly, using a reference image, start sketching out the rough outline of the main character, in this case Tanjiro. We follow up with sketching in the rough shape of the background. (flames) 

For our reference image, take note that there is a middle line where the sword is positioned, to showcase the 2 techniques Tanjiro possesses.

In the event that you’re not comfortable with the proportion, feel free to use a ruler to measure the midpoint of the paper.

Thirdly, after you’ve sketched out the rough proportions, use a micron pen to outline the main character’s features, as well as the flames depicted in the background.

After darkening the lines, we proceed with colouring Tanjiro.

Starting off with the base layer, we first use beige (white mixed with yellow and orange) for his skin colour. For his scar, we use red as the first layer, followed by another layer of beige to reduce the opacity of the colour. (since it’s too dark)

For the purpose of this article, left represents the viewer’s left while right represents the viewer’s right.

For Tanjiro’s left side, we start off with applying purple for the base layer. Thicken the gouache layer by adding another layer of purple to increase the opacity of his hair. Next, we add some white for the highlights at the hair ends.

For his right side, we start off with orange as the base layer, followed by adding reddish brown as the secondary layer (roots of the hair). 

For his left eye, the same technique and colour (as the hair) are applied. Thereafter, the same technique applies for the right eye, with the difference being the secondary layer applied. (orange)

Next, we move on to Tanjiro’s cloak. Apply a base layer of sage green followed by grey as a shadow to achieve the darker tones. As for the chequered prints, we use black to achieve the desired tones. 

Demon Slayer Artwork - Tanjiro Fanart (2021), Artist Celine Chia, Gouache
Demon Slayer Artwork – Tanjiro Fanart

For the background (left), we apply a base layer of sky blue, followed by a secondary layer of skyblue (add more gouache) to achieve your desired tones.

As for the right, we start off with yellow base layer, followed by adding layers of orange and red accordingly.

Next, for the Hanafuda earrings, we use sky blue (diluted with water) followed by orange for the designs.

For his Nichirin Blade, note that the darker tone lies on the left and right edges of the katana. As such, you may consider using a white pen to draw the highlight in the middle of the blade after the paint has dried. 

Give the Tsuka (handle) a yellow glow on the right edge (facing the flames), and a white highlight on the left edge (facing the waves) to enhance the overall look.

Last but not leasr, include a layer of grey (by diluting black) for the middle part of the tsuka to show the contrast.

Demon Slayer Nezuko Fanart

Demon Slayer Artwork – Nezuko Fanart Time Lapse

Just like our previous Tanjiro art, the steps prior to colouring are essentially the same. 
Firstly, before sketching, tape the top border with washi tape. 

Secondly, we proceed with sketching the rough outline of Nezuko. Do take note to take extra precaution when drawing her hands/fingers since it is one of the most tricky parts to draw in this art piece.

Ensure that her hands are not too small (make sure they cover most parts of her upper body) since her hands are positioned in front of her and we want to place more emphasis on her hands/fingers.

To make the lines of her fingers look natural, observe and take note of how her fingers are bent/curled and sketch the shape of her fingers accordingly. This might require some extra practice for beginners.

Thirdly, once you’re satisfied with the sketch, we proceed with outlining with a micron pen.

When outlining her eyebrows and eyelashes, do remember to thicken the line for her upper eyelid and apply less pressure when drawing the lower eyelid as well as the tip of the lashes.

Do note that we do not join the lines of the upper and lower lid of her eyes for this anime style.
Apply a single stroke when drawing the lashes to ensure the fine thickness of those lines.

Demon Slayer Artwork - Nezuko Fanart (2021), Artist Celine Chia, Gouache
Demon Slayer Artwork – Nezuko Fanart

After we’re done with darkening the lines, we proceed with adding in colours.

As usual, we start off with colouring her skin tone. (Beige)
For the right side of her face (demon-side), we add a little more red to the beige to achieve a darker and a more blood-shot skin tone.
Outline the edges of the veins on her face with darker beige to give the character a better contrast.

Next, we use red and blend with water to achieve the desired colour gradation in her ribbon hair tie. We apply the same colour and technique applied for her kimono. 

For her haori (jacket worn over the kimono), we use purplish red/brown to complement her outlook.
Thereafter, we follow up with dirty green (mixed with water) for her obi. (sash tied around the kimono)
The same colours are used for the bamboo covering her mouth, with an additional layer of medallion yellow to highlight the contrasts.

For her left eye, we use purple (blended with water) for the top half of the iris and pink for the lower half to achieve a lighter tone to showcase the fragility of her human self.

On the other hand, we outline the iris (for the right eye) with scarlet red and blend with water in the middle for the gradation to highlight the ferocious nature of her demon side. 

Last but not least, we move on to her hair. Start off by applying a layer of black for most of the edges and roots of her hair. (areas where her hair is thicker)
Do be careful not to shade in the colours for the areas (leave it blank) where we wish to add in the highlights.

Next, we use reddish brown for the highlights of her hair, followed by navy blue as the second layer to show the distinct triadic combination between these 2 layers.
Thereafter, we follow up with applying copper pink for the back layer of her hair (behind her neck), and scarlet red (blend with water) for her claws

Lastly, for the background, we use light pink for the left and navy blue for the right. To add on a little more aesthetics to her hair, we colour the ends of her hair with orange and navy blue to bring out the highlights in her hair.

Demon Slayer Rengoku Fanart
Demon Slayer Rengoku Line Art

As aforementioned, to start off, tape the top border with washi tape. Next, start sketching the outline of the main character of the Mugen Train arc, Rengoku.

Just like Tanjiro, do take note that the right edge of the Nichirin sword is the midpoint of the image.
You can use a ruler as a guide to draw the blade before moving on to the rest of the proportions. (You may consider using the ends of the hair as vantage point to gauge the proportions and positions of his features)

This Rengoku art will definitely pose a challenge for beginners as it takes considerable time getting used to the various layers (of hair) in this perspective drawing.
Take note to avoid tangents and symmetry when drawing the tips/edges of his hair, this will make his hair look more “flowy”.

Once we’re satisfied with the sketch, we proceed with outlining Rengoku. For this particular fanart, we use 3 micron pens of varying thickness. (0.2mm, 0.05mm, brush tip pen) 

For the layers in the foreground (thicker lines), we use the 0.2mm micron pen to outline the flames and his hair.
Next, for his sword and layers of hair in the background, we use the finer tip micron pen (0.05mm) to outline those layers.
For his eyebrow, we use the brush tip pen to fill his thick eyebrows. You may use the 0.05 pen for the (sharp) tip at the ends of the brows. 

Last but not least, for the hands and Fuchi (collar of the sword), we use 0.05 pen to outline. Add some hatching lines at the side of his face as the shadow. 

Once we are satisfied with the outline of our Rengoku art, we proceed with adding in colours.

Demon Slayer Art – Rengoku Fanart Time Lapse

As usual, we start off with beige for his skin tone. (face and hands) Next, we follow up with a yellow for his hair.
To achieve the colour gradation observed in the time lapse, we add another layer of orange and blend with water accordingly. 

Thereafter, we include layers of red streaks for the tips of his hair.

In order to achieve the colour tone of the flames in the background and foreground, we use two distinct layers of red and orange, followed by blending with water.
Next, we follow up with dark brown for his uniform, and blend with water to achieve the shadow effects.

Where applicable, apply dark brown (diluted with water) to add in extra depth for his hair. Last but not least, apply a layer of deep red for the engraving of the sword (right side) and vermillion for the left. 

Lastly for the Fuchi, we use yellow for the base layer and follow up with orange and dark brown.

Demon Slayer Artwork - Rengoku Fanart (2021), Artist Celine Chia, Gouache
Demon Slayer Artwork – Rengoku Fanart

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