Easter Day Craft Ideas: Easter Egg Folding Surprise

For the next instalment of our festive themed series, Artist Celine Chia shares with us some Easter Day DIY craft ideas and how to create your very own Easter Egg Folding Surprise! Stay tuned for the big reveal! Do check out our previous article on CNY art ideas if you’re in need of additional crafts to spruce up your home decor. With that said, let’s dive right into this beautiful eggy delight!

Materials needed:

  • A3 or A4 paper depending on your preference
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Oil Pastels/ Colour Pencils
Easter Egg Folding Surprise Time lapse

Here are the steps to create your own Easter Egg Folding Surprise:

Firstly, fold the A3 paper into 2 halves.

Next, without removing the fold, fold one half of the paper into 2 again. Repeat for the opposite side. (you may refer to the image below for a clearer depiction)

Easter Day Craft Ideas - Easter Egg Folding Surprise Steps 1 and 2
Easter Egg Folding Surprise Steps 1 and 2

The top quarter and bottom quarter are the ‘Easter Egg’ while the middle portion is your delightful surprise and will pop out once you ‘pop’ open the egg!

Keeping the paper folded, we start off with drawing the ‘egg’ first.

Outline an oval shape across the top and bottom quarter of the paper.

Easter Egg Folding Surprise Steps 3 and 4
Easter Egg Folding Surprise Steps 3 and 4

After drawing the outline, unfold the middle portion and proceed with adding in zig-zag edges across the radius of the oval to represent the cracks in the eggshell.

The next step is where the fun begins! Here you can draw anything you want, it’s a total surprise! In this video, we draw an easter bunny to fit in line with the easter theme. You can even draw a wonky bunny, just like our artist’s delightful students!

Easter Day Craft ideas-Easter Egg Folding Surprise Step 5
Easter Egg Folding Surprise Step 5

The sky’s the limit, don’t be afraid to let your ideas flow! You can draw anything, from a rabbit to a chick and even a dinosaur, it’s a fun surprise that you can use to entertain your friends with.

Once you’re satisfied with your drawing, let’s work on the decor of the egg. Here, we use circular wavy patterns (like a lollipop) while our students decorate theirs with hearts, floral and other rainbow stripes.

Easter Day Craft Ideas - Easter Egg Folding Surprise (2021), Artist Celine Chia
Easter Egg Folding Surprise (2021), Artist Celine Chia

When you’re satisfied with your artwork, let’s have fun with colours! Although we use oil pastels to decorate ours, you are free to use other mediums (e.g. colour pencils, marker pens) to add colours and bring your artwork to life.

Last but not least, let’s not forget to decorate your background. You can add stars, sweets, grass or keep it plain and simple. Simplistic is clean too.

Finally, have fun with your Easter Egg Folding Surprise! Surprise your loved ones and family with this beautiful and simple DIY Craft, and keep them coming back for more.

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