Freelance Designer Vietnam: Fashion Design with Ho Dang Khoi

Today, we are proud to be featuring one of our recent additions to the team, Ho Dang Khoi, freelance designer Vietnam and an artist in the making.

Hello, please tell us more about yourself.

Hi, I am Ho Dang Khoi, but I prefer to be addressed by my artist name ‘Bambie
I am 24 this year, and I’m currently a freelance designer from Vietnam with a Degree in Fashion.

I am currently looking for an online job after graduating from university. In the past, I thought about starting my own sleepwear fashion brand.

However, since the pandemic situation in my city is becoming more and more complicated, I want to use this time of social distancing to look for a job to improve my work experience and skills required as an illustrator. This includes skills like sketching, drawing and coloring.

You mentioned that you wanted to pursue art as a career. Do you think that you will ever lose passion in art?

I’ve always wanted to pursue art since I was a child. I have felt myself attracted to different areas related to art such as painting, fashion, animation, music… everything related to art excites me.

Whenever I have free time, the first thing that comes to mind is sketching – I want to pull out a pen and paper to sketch something random. Music, is also indispensable when I am painting my works of art.

I love listening to music and things related to the music industry such as artists, music videos, choreography, performance outfits, album concepts, posters, etc.

In terms of fashion, I especially like drawing females. Dressing females in the most fashionable clothes, dressing somebody up, I just want everyone to be beautiful.

I have also considered a career as a stylist for a certain fashion magazine and even as a fashion editor.

All in all, art is an important part of my life, so there is no chance that I will lose my passion for art.

Outfit Design for Editorial Content by Khoi Ho, Vietnam Freelance Designer
Outfit Design for Editorial Content

What made you want to practice art? How do you express yourself through art?

As aforementioned, I am attracted to things related to art and colorful paintings are one of them. When I was a kid, the covers of books, backpacks, school supplies… things that could appear illustrated with colorful images drew my attention.

I always observe and try my best to imitate and redraw them. From there it became a habit, and my drawing skills developed day by day.
My family also started to notice. They said that I have a talent for drawing, which makes me constantly practice improving my drawing skills.

I love beautiful clothes, along with my love for fashion, I express myself as a lover of beauty. I love neatness and order through illustrations of female wear with the most fashionable clothes.

We noticed that you have quite a fair experience in fashion design. How do you integrate art and fashion design together?

Fashion design is also one of the fields of art. To become a fashion designer, they must know how to convey your creativity and thoughts on paper (or other mediums) to reach people.

Therefore, one needs to undergo training through art-related skills such as sketching ideas, drawing concepts, coordinating colors, choosing inspiration, sewing clothes… so, in a way, fashion designers are also artists in their own regard.

Editorial Content Cover - Mockup for Fashion Design featuring Khoi Ho (artist name Bambie), Vietnamese Freelance Designer
Editorial Content Cover

We’ve seen some of your content and editorial collaterals. What are your favourite designs/pieces? How long did you take to complete those pieces?

My favorite part of doing an editorial project is organizing the layouts of each category. I like to arrange everything in an orderly manner that makes me feel satisfied. I also enjoy designing magazine covers.
Usually, it takes me 2 to 3 weeks to complete an editorial project that is 20-30 pages long.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

My plan for the future is to develop myself into a big Instagram illustrator and open a small shop or workshop selling souvenirs, jewelry, accessories or even clothes based on my artworks.
In the meantime, I will have to practice a lot to find my own drawing style and improvemy drawing skills.

November Illustration by Artist Bambie, aka Ho Dang Khoi
November Illustration by Artist Bambie

Do you have other mediums that you would like to explore?

Yes, I do, I really want to be a lifestyle Youtuber.

How’s the art scene in your country? Based on your opinion, is there anything you’d like to change about the art scene there?

In my opinion, the art scene in my country has been growing strongly in the last 5 to 6 years. Young people today pursue art-related majors at universities a lot, and they don’t hesitate to show off their art works on social networking sites.

I think I wouldn’t want to change anything because the artistic direction here is quite appropriate.

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