Immersive Tech Singapore: immersive Theatre Experience

Immersive Tech Singapore

Immersive Technology Singapore or Immersive Tech is an infusion of the elements of Art and Technology, to push the boundaries of art and showcase what art can achieve beyond the norm.

Through our collaboration with our tech partner, ccmonstersart now offers a wider range of services in addition to art related services. The following are some of the immersive tech services in Singapore (with case studies) that we provide.

Immersive Theatre

Immersive Tech Singapore -Singapore Discovery Centre, SG50 Celebration Exhibition, Immersive Future Vision Theatre 2015
Singapore Discovery Centre, SG50 Celebration Exhibition, Immersive Future Vision Theatre 2015

Not too sure if many of you may recall, in conjunction with SG50, Singapore Discovery Centre showcased their immersive theatre experience to the public. The topic was: What kind of Singapore do you desire in 2065? 

The services that we provide for Immersive Theatre (Singapore) includes but not limited to the following:

  • Projection Mapping Design & Installation
  • Video Production, Projection Mapping, Interactive Programming & Integration
  • Exhibit design, Fabrication, Installation & Maintenance
  • Lighting and Surround Sound System Integration

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Cave

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Cave, showcasing rainforest simulation and training (Environmental Multimedia)
Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Cave, Showcasing Rainforest Simulation

I believe that many of us have been to places of attraction where they showcase fully immersive virtual reality caves that never cease to awe. Well, we provide the manpower working behind the scenes, and the following are the services available:

  • Technical Consultancy
  • VR CAVE production and installation (4-sided CAVE)
  • Projection system and Kinect Tracking Sensor
  • Full HD 3D Stereoscopic resolution
  • Immersive Interaction
  • Multi-users environment
  • Show Control System Installation and Programming

 360 Degree Projection Mapping

360 Degree Projection Mapping of Changi Airport Jewels Visitor Gallery, 2016
Changi Airport Jewels Visitor Gallery, 2016

Here we have a behind-the-scenes back end of Changi Airport Jewels Visitor Gallery showcasing the 360 Degree Projection Mapping. 

On our end, we provide the following services:

Projection Mapping Design & Installation 
Projection Mapping Programming & Integration

Dynamic Window Display

With the internet and usage of social media on the rise with no signs of depleting, many shopping malls and outlets have taken to a newer retail concept to attract visitors to patronise the mall. 

Immersive tech featuring Dynamic Window Display (Japan)
Dynamic Window Display in Japan

Dynamic Window Display is for retail shops mixing traditional shop front design with digital technology.It attracts shoppers with eye-catching 3D video mapping of motion graphics, projected on mannequins, art works and backdrops. 

Additionally, we have a multi-layer holographic display to attract shoppers to interact with product advertisements. This allows us to put out a  longer message for the same display area and allows visitors (shoppers) to interact with the window display.

It can also Incorporate multiple QR codes within the same space for various promotions, thereby allowing easy capturing of user data via user registration for access to promotions and micro-sites. This retail concept helps brands to capture and retain consumer data for future marketing/advertising use.

These are our Dynamic Window Display services that we provide:

  • Multimedia Window Display Design consultancy
  • Multimedia hardware system rental
  • Content and advertising design and production – projection mapping
  • Interactive multimedia development
  • Holographic product advertisement
  • 3D video mapping design and projection
  • QR codes microsites development
  • Augmented Reality content development
  • Hardware system installation
  • Window display installation
  • Window display maintenance and updates
  • Database creation and back-end web application
  • Mobile apps development
  • Microsite design development and maintenance

Mural Technology

Immersive Mural Technology Singapore - Singapore Discovery Centre, 2015. SO Singapore Exhibit
Singapore Discovery Centre, 2015. SO Singapore Exhibit

Old School but Cool nonetheless! Infusing elements of mural art and technology, into mural technology, we are proud of our SO Singapore Exhibit, held at the Singapore Discovery Centre in 2015. It showcases the blend between old school hawker centres and the modern attractions like the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and the ArtScience Museum. 

SO Singapore Exhibit 2015
SO Singapore Exhibit 2015

Services that we provide for Mural Tech:

  • Large format photography for wall mural
  • Projection mapping programming & integration
  • Graphic design & AV installation
  • Dynamic “Thought bubbles” projection

Immersive Collaborative Space

Immersive Tech Singapore - Immersive Collaborative Space Development
Immersive Collaborative Space Development

Alongside our tech partner, we offer an innovative multimedia solution for immersive collaborative and meeting space.

Immersive Collaborative Space

These are our services that we provide for an immersive collaborative space:

  • L-Shape Projection
  • Integration with TV Monitor – User able to drag Windows to projection wall
  • Full HD 3D resolution
  • Integration with digital Interactive White board
  • Multi-inputs capable
  • Control System Installation and Programming
  • Ease of configuration for various projection layout
  • Capable of wireless connection from designated laptop device

Augmented Reality

Drugfree Singapore AR exhibition

Augmented Reality or AR took the world by storm, with many people’s favourite childhood game РPokemon Go. We offer AR services, ranging from educational to business propositions.
For the ‘DRUGFREESG’ AR exhibition, the use of augmented reality helped increase the effectiveness of self guided learning, and in turn reduced the manpower needed for the exhibition. 

Virtual Reality

RWS M.I.C.E Marketing

Last but not least, we also offer virtual reality services for both MNCs and SMEs. The Resorts World Sentosa MICE video serves as a creative platform to sell our local event spaces to overseas clients. These services that we listed are just the tip of the iceberg as we bridge the gap between tech and creative space.

Keen to explore immersive tech (Singapore) and offer something different to your consumers? Contact us for more opportunities!