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Artist Celine Chia | Artrepreneur in her art studio in singapore

I am Celine Chia, an artist as well as an Entrepreneur. I am proud to call myself an Artrepreneur.

Artist Celine Chia

Artist, Teacher
Hi, I am Celine Chia and I have been passionate about Art ever since I was 3 years old. I’ve always believed that you can change the world through Art, and add colours and vibrance to your lives. Art is my therapy, my beauty and my solace.

Adding vibrance and colors to brighten up people’s lives is one of my goals. No matter if they’re having a bad day or a good day, Art will definitely add colors to their lives. With the freedom of expression, Art allows me to bring more fun and fresh ideas to everyone, and keep them entertained. It’s my platform in this regard.

At the same time, I wish to change social stigmas towards the Art scene in Singapore. Many at times, I’ve heard the older generation mention Art having no future here in Singapore. Personally for me, I want to prove them wrong and stand up for myself, as well as to follow my dreams.

To add on, I wish to live life to the fullest without regrets. I am really thankful for my friends and family for supporting me in my decision to follow my passion. Passionate about the things i do, I wish to translate that passion into my teachings. I love my students and i look out for them dearly.

Additionally, I wish to express and influence others positively through Art. Art is my medium and my platform. I want to utilize this platform to provide everyone a safe spot to unleash their inner potential and let their imaginations run wild.

Last but definitely not the least, I plan to forge my own unique path and style. With my dedication and perseverance, I am going to continue doing the things I love. Find out more about artist Celine Chia.

Artist Genecia Ng

Hi, I am Genecia Ng. Full-time marketer on weekdays and Abstract Artist on weekends.

Artist Genecia Ng

Abstract Artist
Hello! I’m Genecia Ng, most people call me Gen in short. I’m a full-time marketer on weekdays, and a self-taught abstract artist on weekends. I studied design for my diploma; took up communications and marketing in uni.

Genecia is a full-time marketer and self-taught abstract artist who does commissioning art. Since young, Genecia has had a penchant for most things artsy and creative. In 2019, she started experimenting with fluid art to gift friends as a token of appreciation during her toughest period and it was also during this time ArtelierbyGen was born after she received her first commissioned work.

As time went by, after exploring and experimenting, she dabbled with resin crafts and abstract expressionism paintings, which she enjoys more as compared to fluid art as it allows room for more control and creative freedom. Genecia draws inspiration from nature, random aha-moments and during the process of painting. 

Through her paintings, she desires for every art piece to bring new beginnings and life to a living space that brings healing and warmth to homeowners’ souls as it did her while painting each canvas with her heart and soul. In the future, she aims to have her own studio, conduct workshops and create a safe space for people to experience art therapy. She truly believes art is a form of therapy that encourages self-expression and managing emotions that goes beyond words.

In her spare time, she is seen reading, going on hikes and exercising. Find out more about Genecia Ng.

Artist Joel Rong's Avatar Profile pIc

Hi, I am Joel Rong. I am an Artist and an Illustrator specialising in inking and Digital Art.

Artist Joel Rong

Realism Artist
Hello! I’m Joel Rong, most people call me Joel.

Joel is an artist and illustrator who specialises in ink and digital art. A fan of architecture as well as a cat lover, he enjoys drawing scenes of streets or landscapes coupled with cat characters. Joel started drawing at a young age as a hobby and as a coping mechanism to anxiety. Although mostly an ink illustrator, he is now trying out digital art and practicing different styles digitally.

Old Japanese houses are Joel’s favourite sketching theme because Japanese buildings have unique façades and are filled with lots of small details to sketch. And as a frequent doodler who enjoys sketching random and tiny sketches, he wishes his audience can appreciate all the small details that he applies to his art.

In his free time, Joel likes to sit back, get a nice cup of coffee and just do some light sketching or play some video games. He also loves feeding the stray cats that pop around in his area once in a while. A cat lover, he enjoys thinking up ideas to put cat characters in scenes around his artwork. Joel hopes that his artwork would inspire people to take up drawing and also someday in the future he hopes to create a comic that people would enjoy reading.

Find out more about Joel Rong.

Artist Melissa Foo

Hi, I am Melissa Foo. I am an Artist and a Digital Illustrator.

Artist Melissa Foo

Artist, Illustrator

Hi! I’m Melissa Foo, but I go by Mel and I’m a nature & landscape digital artist. Currently, I’m a business undergrad studying marketing. BUT my whole heart is in designing and of course, illustration.

Mel is a digital illustrator and designer who loves drawing dreamy landscapes, animal portraits and cute things in-between. Ever since she could remember, she’s been drawn to all things artsy and creative. Mel started off painting as a hobby, dabbling in Impressionism and landscapes until she fell in love with digital painting. It gave her the flexibility of being creative from any place, whenever and wherever she desired. 

From this, mellowillustrates took shape. Gathering inspiration from nature scenes and harmonious colour palettes, she illustrates landscapes with her own twist of pink and purple gradients. Through her artwork, Mel wants to create a sense of escapism away from bustling city life. She wants her audience to feel ease and calm, and give them the opportunity to live in her own dreamscapes. 

Outside of illustration, Mel is an Adobe CC enthusiast with an avid love for design. In the future, Mel aims to work as an independent illustrator and designer from a cosy studio. When she’s not up to creative projects, she enjoys unwinding watching True Crime videos and sipping green tea. Ironically, she dresses primarily in black and dark blue, and doesn’t own any purple clothes. Read more about Melissa Foo.

Musician Audemars Neo

Hi, I am Audemars Neo. I am a web developer and a musician in the making.

Audemars Neo

Music Composer
Hello! I’m Audemars Neo, most people call me Audemars.

Hi, I am Audemars Neo and I am a music composer in the making. Music has always been my passion and I have been writing songs since I was 17. I can create various forms of music, and my specialty lies in Ballade Pop & EDM. My sound mixes elements of pop and soulful music and my inspirations are “Ina Wroldsen, Damien Rice”. I can play a few musical instruments, namely the piano, guitar, and drums.

For me, I am a firm believer in the power of music. I believe that it can help heal the mind and soothes the soul. For me, music has helped me get through much of my life and awakened the innate and soulful nature in me. I wish to create music that people can relate to on an emotional level, music that enraptures the mind, and one that captures the essence of the human soul. I yearn to use the power of music to touch people’s hearts, to connect people’s minds as well as to forge a deeper meaning and understanding through a common interest.

I enjoy work that challenges me to learn something new and stretch in a different direction. I do my best to stay on top of changes in the state of the art so that I can tackle challenges head on with my relevant skillsets.

I love communicating and sharing my love and passion for music with like-minded folks.

Music is my art and my getaway, and it can be yours too!



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