Mid-Autumn Festival Craft Ideas: Customised Box Making

With the Mid Autumn festival fast approaching here are some Mid-Autumn Festival craft ideas perfect for the whole family. These works of art are made by artist Celine Chia, with considerable experience in the field of the arts. Today, we will be exploring hands-on experience in the making of a Mid-Autumn customised box.

Table of Contents:

Materials Needed for Mid-Autumn Festival Customised Box

  • Construction Paper/ A3 Drawing Block
  • Scissors
  • Marker(s)
  • Colouring Materials
  • Super Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Paper Clips
  • Compass

Here is the backbone to making your own customised box. Do take note of the dimensions prior to cutting, especially for the circular bases.

Backbone for customised box
Backbone for customised box

To add on, here is a time lapse on how to create your own customised box:

Mid-Autumn Festival Craft Ideas – Customised Box Time lapse

These are the steps to create your own Mid-Autumn Festival Craft Ideas (Customised Box):

Firstly, we use a compass or a cup to plot out the diameter of the circle. (6.7cm) This is the top of the customised box.
For the width of the cutting area, the dimensions are up to your preference, as long as it is within 2.5 cm.

Next, we plot another circle with 6.5cm in diameter and <2.5cm for the cutting area. This represents the base of the box.
For both circles, add in lines to mark out the areas to cut later on. You may refer to the image above for better clarification.

After plotting out the dimensions for the circles, we proceed with drawing out the Chinese characters “花好月圆” using markers. If you’re not confident, use a pencil to sketch out the characters before outlining with markers. 

The meaning behind these characters is a symbol of happiness and prosperity, but once again you’re free to write any characters or symbols as you so desire.

Mid-Autumn Themed Customised Box. A Mid Autumn festival Craft Idea by Artist Celine Chia
Mid-Autumn Themed Customised Box

Next, we continue with cutting along the external diameter of the respective circles. Thereafter, we cut along the markings for both circles.

After cutting out the marking, we fold the flaps upwards to make them stand upright.
Next, we cut out two strips of rectangle 23 cm by 2.5 cm from the construction paper.

Apply super glue along the length (one side) of the rectangular strip.
Stick the rectangular strip along the flaps and use the paper clips to keep it in place.This helps to prevent the box from springing out before the glue is settled.
Repeat these two steps for the base of the box.

Wrap the ribbon around the diameter of the box and stick it to the diameter of the cover of the box using super glue.
Put your gift inside and close the box… and you’re done with the customised box!

Are you looking for more inspiration on Mid-Autumn Festival craft ideas? Do check out our previous article on making Chinese lanterns or stay tuned to our socials for more!

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