Paper Dollhouse Craft : Create Your Own 3D Pop-up Dollhouse

Need some inspiration to spruce up your room? Be your own interior designer and create your miniature 3d pop-up dollhouse to spice up your living space.
This week, we explore paper dollhouse craft in Singapore with Artist Celine Chia and learn the steps to create your own 3D pop-up dollhouse. The Paper Dollhouse Craft is perfect to test out your drawing and designing skills as a beginner, and take them to the next level as you tap into your creativity to create your variation of themed Paper Dollhouse Craft.

Materials needed for Paper Dollhouse Craft:

  • A3 Drawing Block
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Penknife
  • Decorative Papers
  • Stickers
  • Coloured Markers
  • Colour Pencils


  • Diamond Studs
  • Felt Cloth
  • Textured Paper

Paper Dollhouse Craft Steps:

Firstly, fold the A3 Drawing block into a square (27.5 cm x 27.5 cm) and cut out the excess drawing block.
Do not throw away the excess paper as they can be used for the accessories in the room.

Paper Dollhouse craft Step 1: Cut along the Red Line
Step 1: Cut along the Red Line

Next, fold the square into 2 equal halves. (horizontally and vertically)
Cut along the red line. (take image above for reference)

Step 2: Plan Out the Layout
Step 2: Plan Out the Layout

For easier reference, let’s call the four parts of the square ‘Wall 1, Wall 2 and Floor .’ We need not draw on the last quadrant (shaded).

Paper Dollhouse Craft Step 3: Draw Out your Preferred Theme/Layout
Step 3: Draw Out your Preferred Theme/Layout

For the walls, we will be filling the space with our own miniature living space. For wall 1, we can design our own version of lamps and door, alongside a pop-up cardboard.
As for wall 2, we will be filling the space with windows, bed, bookshelves and a drawer. Feel free to do up your own designs, since it’s your own personalised 3d pop-up dollhouse.

Paper Dollhouse craft Step 4: Cut Out Demarcated Areas (in red)
Step 4: Cut Out Demarcated Areas (in red)

For the floor area, we will be decorating it with decorative paper as the flooring.
To add an additional hint of realism, do take note to cut out those areas demarcated in red.

Here is a time lapse of our own version of 3D pop-up dollhouse:

We Bare Bear Themed Paper Dollhouse Craft

In this case, we did a We Bare Bears themed Paper Dollhouse Craft.

With reference to the template image above, we sketch out our own variation of the living space. Once you are satisfied with your craft, proceed with outlining the sketch with permanent marker.
Wherever applicable, apply coloured markers to decorate your ‘room’ to your desired colour scheme. We used lighter colours to achieve a more calming and relaxing feel, as if it’s the perfect dream-like room for sleeping.

Pop-up Layers Made From Excess Drawing Block
Pop-up Layers Made From Excess Drawing Block

Remember the access drawing block (cut out)? Here, we use those excess for the pop up bed and cupboard.
Once you’re satisfied with the pop-ups, attach and secure them to their respective locations using super glue. 

For the floor we use textured paper to give our paper dollhouse craft a vinyl flooring vibe.
Last but not least, we fold the bottom two quadrants together to achieve our own 3D pop-up dollhouse!

The Paper Dollhouse Craft is the perfect craft to spruce up your living space or office space should you need something different and unique to lighten up the mood. Let your imagination run wild and try out other themed crafts as well! From anime to cartoon art or even Marvel themed, the possibilities are simply endless. Create your own 3D paper dollhouse and try out different assortments of furniture, from beds to doors and even wardrobes as well!

Stay tuned to our socials for more nifty craft tips and tricks or check out our Easter Themed Crafts too!

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