Customised Explosion Box

Out of gift ideas for your special someone? Whether for anniversary or valentine’s consider getting your special someone a customised explosion box! It’s handmade in Singapore and fully customisable to your every needs.

The Customised Explosion Box is an amazing craft that encapsulates all your beautiful and precious memories with your loved ones in one special place! From bittersweet childhood memories to cringey and fun times with your special someone, this box is bound to surprise and impress your dearest. The Customised Explosion Box is more than just a gift. It is a lifestyle.

The explosion box made by artist Celine Chia in her art studio seeks to encapsulate those beautiful and precious memories with your loved ones. With over hundreds of orders sold, Celine is no stranger to this unique and custom craft and that’s bound to exceed your every expectations.¬† Browse through the various designs available at our shop today! Alternatively check out our socials for credible and legitimate reviews by our clients.

Whether you’re an anime or cartoon fan, or simply want it as a surprise¬† for your special someone, the explosion box will never disappoint! Celine has completed many orders, from graduation gift boxes, to couple valentine’s workshop and even completed orders for those who requested for cartoon themed ones. In fact, she has even completed custom orders for proposal requests! It is a testament to her level of experience and expertise in this customised craft.

The Customised Explosion Box is an ideal gift that is both aesthetically appealing and highly-personalised. As a keeper of precious memories, it is the perfect gift to reminisce about the past, cherish the present, and embrace the future. Get yours now!

Prior to making a purchase, please DM us the following:

  • Personalised Messages for your beloved
  • 12 Images (for print)
  • More Images can be added upon request (top up accordingly)


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