Squid Game Crafts: Easy DIY for Beginners

With the rising demand on the latest Netflix sensation ‘Squid Game’, our article this week will focus on Squid Game Crafts to get you started on creating some ‘Squid Game’ themed crafts and be part of this trending topic.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would probably have noticed this topic going viral over social media sites, as well as being mentioned in various news articles and press releases.

Squid Game Instagram Reels Filter
Squid Game Instagram Reels Filter

In fact, there’s even a squid game instagram reels filter effect. This effect lets you play ‘red light green light’ which mimics the first game played by the 456 contestants who unknowingly partook in the ‘Squid Games’.

Okay enough of the drama spoilers, let’s dive right into some Squid Game Crafts that are beginner friendly and easy to make. 

Squid Game Crafts: Face Changing Craft

Materials Needed:

  • Paper Cup x2
  • Penknife
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Pencil

Firstly, cut out a circle in one of the paper cups. In this case, since we are using Starbucks cups, we will be using the Starbucks logo as our reference point. 

We use the penknife to cut out the Starbucks logo for one of the cups. The missing circle represents the ‘face’ of the squid game antagonist characters.

Next, we sketch out a rough outline of the antagonist’s costume. Once you’re done with the sketch, get ready to paint! 

Starbucks Cup with Logo Cut Out (squid game themed)
Starbucks Cup with Logo Cut Out

For the cup with the Starbucks logo cut, we will be applying a fresh coat of pink acrylic paint, followed by adding light shades of blue for the clouds and background respectively. 

Squid Game face changing craft (front view)
Second Starbucks Cup (Front View)

For the other cup, we will give it a fresh coat of black. Ensure that the areas coated with black paint exceeds the circumference of the logo (cut out).

Squid Game face changing craft (Back view)
Second Starbucks Cup (Back View)

Add in the iconic symbols next! The symbols we used are the square, triangle and circle.

Last but not least, let the paint settle and dry before having fun with your squid game face changing craft!

If you’re more of a visual person, here’s a time lapse of our squid game craft:

Squid Game Craft Ideas – Face Changing Craft

Here’s another Squid Game themed crafts that you can consider trying out!

Squid Game Crafts: Foosball Craft

Materials needed:

  • Cardboard Carton box (24 packet drinks size)
  • Construction Paper
  • Straws x 6 (3 Red & 3 Green)
  • Penknife
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Permanent Marker
  • White Gel Pen
  • Acrylic Paint (Pastel Pink & Pastel Green)
  • Moulding Clay (Red & Green)
  • Double-sided Tape
Foosball Craft – Squid Game themed

Here are the steps to create your own squid game themed Foosball Craft:

Firstly, we mark the midpoint of the carton box with pencil.
Secondly, paint half of the box with pastel green and the other with pastel pink.

Taking reference to the length of the carton box, we use a penknife to make 4 holes at equidistant from the length and 7 cm from the base.
Test the diameter of the holes by inserting the straws. Ensure that the straws are able to fit the diameter of the holes.

Start drawing the characters. Here we use green construction paper for the protagonist and pink construction paper for the antagonist characters.
Next, we cut out a 15 cm x 5 cm rectangle from the green construction paper.

Sketch out the rough outline of the protagonist (draw within 7cm x 5cm) before outlining it with permanent marker.
Fold the rectangle into half and cut out the protagonist.

This will be the sample size for all the characters.
Repeat this process for the protagonists and antagonists, with the differing coloured construction paper.
We should get 3 protagonists (green) and 3 antagonists (pink).

For the ‘Face’ of the characters, colour them black.
Using the white gel pen, we then add in the shapes as per the k-drama. (Circle, Triangle and Square)

Foosball Craft (Squid Game Themed)
Foosball Craft (Squid Game Themed)

Attach double sided tape at the midpoint (fold) of the characters and near the feet area.
Next, we wrap the characters around the straw as per the image above.
Repeat this process for the other characters.

Insert the straw (with the characters) into the hole made previously and secure one end to the carton box with moulding clay.
Extend the length of the straw (by ½ straw length) by connecting the second straw to the first. Repeat this process for the other straws.

Foosball Craft (Top View)
Foosball Craft (Top View)

In order to create the ball, we crush some newspaper into a ball shape and secure it with tape.
To create the goalpost, use the penknife to make a hole (6 cm x 4.5 cm) at both midpoints of the carton.
Flatten the flap and you can start having fun with your Foosball craft!

If you like our works, do continue to stay tuned to our socials! Leave a comment too if you’re a big fan of the squid game or create your own Squid Game themed paper dollhouse craft!

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