The Most Non-essential Game Ever Created: Story & Concept

Some people are not born to be artists, but they aspire to be one. While some are born to be artists, they choose not to be an artist. It is common to see those with artistic flairs end up being tour guides, architects, doctors, or people who work behind the desk in the office. Being an artist should be regarded as another professional career. Why is it so hard being an artist? Why should it be considered as a non-essential career in people’s minds?

The Most Non Essential Game Ever Created (Full Desktop View)
The Most Non Essential Game Ever Created

Often, people do not understand the pivotal role artists play in shaping our society. They know how a tour guide works to guide visitors to step closer to the place they visit in the tour. They know a doctor working to diagnose any disease in patients before administering the necessary treatment. They know someone who works behind the desk in the office as well as their administrative tasking. However, do they truly know what an artist does?

Perspectives. An artwork can inspire someone to do something. An artwork inspired an architect to design an iconic place like Marion Park. An artwork inspired medical manufacturers to produce tools so doctors could do surgery. An artwork can bring up numerous perspectives to keep people engaged and connected. An artwork can be controversial and yet it’s the underlying foundation of a community and culture.

Perspectives, Art by Fxmedia

Feelings, Ambitions, Dreams. These are what the essence of human nature is centered around. So, being an artist should be just like others. As a non-essential career in people’s mind, being an artist is in fact essential. Sounds too abstract? Let’s break it down.

Do you truly know what defines art? Art comes in many forms, not just the paintings and drawings that artists create. There is a distinct stereotype towards the art scene as those artworks are what the general society considers as the norm. This perception is further skewed by art exhibits and museums featuring works by famous painters and artists, which tends to be in these particular art forms. However, in actual fact, there is so much more to art than what meets the eye. Take a look at or rather take a listening ear. 

Shophouse (2020), Artist Joel Rong, Inking. Image used for the most non essential game ever created.
Shophouse (2020), Artist Joel Rong, Inking

From listening to music on streaming channels like Spotify to watching videos by content creators on Youtube, these are art forms in their own regard. Singers, musicians and content creators are all artists in their own regard. They bring people together, shape communities and are the very essence of what makes society tick. They propel and impact society in many ways, from being a source of solace and support through their works to advocating for social issues. Just take a look at the recently trending singers like Billie Eilish or Bella Poarch who share about depression and other mental conditions through their works. These songs provide a solemn source of support to those who may suffer from similar conditions. 

Art in its various forms actually makes an impact and shapes society in more ways than one, even though it might not be obvious at first glance. If you see beyond the superficial layer, you will find that there are many deeper analogies and meanings behind what the artwork portrays. Take a closer look around you. Listen out. Think Deeper. Can you truly say that artists are non-essential?

Medicine for Animals (2020), Artist Joel Rong, Digital.
Image used for the most non essential game ever created.
Medicine for Animals (2020), Artist Joel Rong, Digital

If people actually TRY to see things beyond the superficial level, many would find a deeper and innate capacity to truly appreciate the arts better. Of course, when we mention the arts, let’s not forget to mention craftsmen or designers as well. These people have no less shaped the world and bring about changes to our personal lives. Take a look at your surroundings, a decor that catches your attention could be the works of a pottery artist or ceramist. The cozy or chic ambience that you are in could be designed by an interior designer. 

Used an e-commerce app for online shopping? Let’s not forget how seamless your experience is. This is of course done through market research as well as through the hard work of UI/UX artists who made your experience a pleasant one. Even something as simple as your phone covers, there’s many aesthetics and colours to choose from, all with lesser known graphic artists behind them. People take for granted how art has infused itself all around us, from street murals to product designs. Let’s take a moment to slow down, breathe and appreciate everything around us. Art is everywhere and integrated into our culture in more ways than one.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Dark Souls III (2021), Artist Joel Rong, Inking
Image used for The Most Non Essential Game Ever Created
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Dark Souls III (2021), Artist Joel Rong, Inking

Moreover, art expressionism goes beyond that of what’s portrayed in the museums and art galleries. There are so many unknown and unrecognised artists out there who have made their mark and influence other people’s lives. From the content you consume, be it via social media, traditional media, videos and even articles and web content, there are always artists behind every content. You may not need to put a face to a name, but just know that there’s always some unknown artist out there whenever you appreciate their works.

Okay. Enough of this long debacle. As artists, we are passionate about the things that we do and the works that we put out. Some people view our works as forms of entertainment. It’s Okay. Some people think of our works as expressionism. It’s true. Others think of our works as inventions or solutions in industrial products or even used in psychological therapy. It’s also a great thought. That’s why we collaborated to build this game – The Most Non Essential Game Ever Created. Our team of artists across different niches and mediums – Abstract, Acrylic, Content, Digital, Graphic, Illustrator, Inking, Realism, UI/UX, Watercolour. 

Dark Souls 3 (2021), Fan art by Artist Joel Rong, Inking. Image used for The Most Non Essential Game Ever Created
Dark Souls 3 (2021), Artist Joel Rong, Inking

We want YOU to unravel the experience and delve into the mindset of being an artist. The difficulty, the hardships, our struggles, or perhaps even how easy–the way it is. Experience what it’s like from our perspective. Go beyond the superficial level.
Think Far. Think Beyond. Think with Us.

Art is subjective and ultimately, it is you who decide how it feels. Are we truly non-essential?

Stay tuned to our socials for the gameplay and walkthrough for The Most Non Essential Game Ever Created!

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