The Most Non Essential Game – Full Gameplay & Walkthrough

The Most Non Essential Game is a project collaboration involving local artists Celine Chia, Genecia Ng, Melissa Foo and Joel Rong, alongside our tech partner FXmedia. The purpose of this collaboration is to showcase the art industry in Singapore, as well as to push the boundaries of art beyond the physical realm.

For a deeper insight about the brand story, do check out our previous article about the story and concept behind the game. With that said, this article will delve more into the narrative behind the game, as well as showcase the gameplay and walkthrough behind the game.

In reality, there tends to be many words left unsaid in conversations, usually in consideration of others’ feelings. This article seeks to uncover these pent-up feelings that artists portray into their respective works of art. The Most Non Essential Game seeks to open our mind and see things beyond the surface level.

There are often different underlying layers that seek to portray and evoke the words left unsaid, as seen from our respective artists’ artworks. Without further ado, let’s dive into the full gameplay and walkthrough of The Most Non Essential Game Ever Created.

360 Degree Street View of Artist Joel Rong’s Artworks
360 Degree Street View of Artist Joel Rong’s Artworks

The setting (background) of the game is based on Artist Joel Rong’s works of art, which is a blend of Japanese-style buildings, alongside a creative twist on his perspective on how he perceives the world to be.
If you use your mouse (desktop) or fingers (mobile) to scroll around the street view, we can find different elements that encompass the feelings that he is trying to portray. For instance, the black and white themed artwork emphasises that our lives are like a colouring book, and it’s up to us to fill it with colours. The game takes us on a journey, starting with Artist Melissa Foo’s stunning works of art.

Artist Melissa Foo

There are 4 items to look out for in Artist Melissa Foo’s artworks – Egg, Mushroom, Peach and Watermelon.

Artist Melissa Foo’s Search Items for the most non essential game
Artist Melissa Foo’s Search Items


These items are cleverly designed and meant to create a semblance of innocence and fun to put a smile on people’s faces. They showcase the fun and playful nature of the artist, which goes along really well with the surreal landscapes in her artworks. 

Field (2021), Artist Melissa Foo, 360 Digital Perspective
Field (2021), Artist Melissa Foo, 360 Digital Perspective

The symbolism behind this endless field is that sometimes we tend to feel stuck. We want to run and explore the endless wilderness but we are confined to following only one strict path. This could be a depiction of the current societal construct, of how our country has limited opportunities for those who choose to deviate their career path from the norm.

The Most Non Essential Game -Skyscraper (2021), Artist Melissa Foo, 360 Digital Perspective
Skyscraper (2021), Artist Melissa Foo, 360 Digital Perspective

This digital landscape showcases the bridge suspended high up in the air, and this piece was created to highlight her acrophobia (fear of heights) and uncertainty in getting over it.
In spite of the bridge being unsafe and bumpy, this majestic artwork emphasises the courage needed to get over one’s fear, where each step we take could feel so heavy and demanding.

The Most Non Essential Game - Pond (2021), Artist Melissa Foo, 360 Digital Perspective
Pond (2021), Artist Melissa Foo, 360 Digital Perspective

This analogy of this portrait is like the end point, or our destination in life. (goals) After going through the trouble of trudging through the endless field, and the uncertainty of the skyscraper and bridge, we finally arrive at this tranquil landscape, with a bright tint of positivity that radiates from the evening glow. (attain our goals)

All of my backgrounds are meant to evoke a sense of liminality and dreaminess. It’s not meant to look realistic per se, but it’s supposed to make one feel as though they’re passing through what feels like an in-between from A to B.

The colour palette is pink and purple because I feel that those colours bring out the dream-like aspect the most. I like to keep the colours soft to evoke relaxation and escape from busy city life.

Artist Melissa Foo

Locations of Search Items:

  • Peach – Field
  • Watermelon – Skyscraper
  • Egg – Pond
  • Mushroom – Pond

After you’ve collected all the 4 items, you’ll be redirected to the main street view. The next level takes place in Artist Celine Chia’s room.

Artist Celine Chia

The Most Non Essential Game, Celine’s Room (2021), Artist Celine Chia, 360 Digital Landscape
Celine’s Room (2021), Artist Celine Chia, 360 Digital Landscape

The key symbolism behind her room depicts a cosy and safe haven for her, a playground to create her own masterpieces, as well as a personal world of hers with no right or wrong, and neither prejudice nor stereotype. 

Each of her personal items hold a certain deeper underlying meaning to her past experiences in her life, be it good or bad. Starting off with her Plushie, it’s like her guardian angel – a source of protection to keep all the bad thoughts and inner demons away. 

The Fanned Brush is like her magic wand – used to create wonderful effects and add colours to her life. 

Meanwhile, the White Acrylic Paint is a basic colour that we tend to not take much notice of but yet holds its spot as the one of the most important colours for every artwork. It’s a subtle yet exquisite blend of simplicity and elegance, a simple thing in life that we tend to take for granted until it runs out.

On the other hand, the Neon Yellow Markers are used to add highlights to place further emphasis on certain effects of her artworks. 

The fanned brush, alongside the acrylic paint and Neon Yellow Marker are part of her personal assets to create her personal masterpieces and sleek designs that serve as a personal getaway and reprieve from the outside world.

Celine’s Room with answers
Celine’s Room with answers

Here are the answers to Celine’s list of items to look for should you need a helping hand. If you find Celine’s search items difficult to find, you’re definitely in for a real treat as we approach Artist Joel Rong’s room.

Artist Joel Rong

The Most Non Essential Game - Hub (2021), Artist Joel Rong, 360 Digital Perspective
Hub (2021), Artist Joel Rong, 360 Digital Perspective

Once we enter Joel’s room, we are directed to the hub, a chill out place for the cats to hang and be themselves. Here we enjoy a mini dialogue between the cute cats as they chitter and chatter amongst themselves. These cats represent the fun and carefree individual in all of us, just wanting to escape from all our personal issues. We just want to go on an adventure and do silly things!

The hub represents the cosy space for our carefree thoughts and feelings, a little room for us to relax. This is visualised by the small hub entrance tucked away between the buildings. The hub is an analogy to a safe haven or a respite from difficulties.

Over here, we can just chill and have fun exploring the room and take a break from whatever reality’s throwing at you. It provides an escapism for all your stress and personal issues. All our worries and concerns seem to fade away as we immerse ourselves with this artistic getaway.

The Most Non Essential Game -Seaside (2021), Artist Joel Rong, 360 Digital Perspective
Seaside (2021), Artist Joel Rong, 360 Digital Perspective

Whenever we’re done chilling with the cats, we can then proceed with the Seaside – the outdoors experience. The birds in this area represent our everyday hurdles. Although sometimes avoidable, they are everywhere and can swoop in at any time to cause us trouble. And sometimes we have to go the extra mile to fix them before they become too big an issue. Can you spot those hurdles in your lives ? 

As the saying goes, ‘seek first to understand, then to be understood’. Take a step back and gain a deeper understanding of the context (problem) before making any assumptions or conclusions.

Seaside Answers
Seaside Answers

Did you manage to find all the answers? Here’s the answer key if you’re stuck with those hurdles!
After you’re done with this stage, we are directed to the Shop where we are faced with the indoors experience.

The Most Non Essential Game - Shop (2021), Artist Joel Rong, 360 Digital Perspective
Shop (2021), Artist Joel Rong, 360 Digital Perspective

The shop is the embodiment of the indoors experience. The search for canned food represents our need to sieve through all our hoarded thoughts and ideas.
We always dwell on our thoughts both good and bad and sometimes hoard them like the cans in this shop. Here, it’s time to do some introspection so we can pick out our good cans.

Shop Answers
Shop Answers

This stage is probably the hardest stage in the game and involves a little more patience, alongside an eye for detail. The intent conveys the message the artist is trying to portray in this creative piece of work.

The Most Non Essential Game - Lounge (2021), Artist Joel Rong, 360 Digital Landscape
Lounge (2021), Artist Joel Rong, 360 Digital Landscape

The lounge represents peace and tranquility. Sort of like sleeping the whole weekend or going on vacation.
From the hub we see the lounge entrance as a painting instead of a door.
It’s a picture we all want to paint, a carefree moment where we can all forget our problems.
And when we finally step into that room, we can finally take a good rest.

Artist Joel Rong

Did you manage to reach the lounge?

ArtTech Applications

If you’re observant, in your journey through the Most Non Essential Game, you’d probably have noticed 2 external apps that add another unique and creative approach to tech – our  Augmented Reality app as well as the ccmonstersart Instagram filter that offers a personalised creative expression to our personal brand.

Augmented Reality App (ArtelierbyGen AR app)

Screenshot Taken From ArtelierbyGen AR App
Screenshot Taken From ArtelierbyGen AR App

As the first bridge towards the future of Art, we would like to showcase our very own Augmented Reality app, featuring works of art by our artist Genecia Ng.
Genecia has numerous past works of abstract art that holds their worth in several cafes and residences. Alongside IKEA with their AR app for furniture for households, we have our very own app for paintings and art commissions that you can consider before making a purchase decision.

Instagram Filter (ccmonstersart by TheMostNonEssentialGame)

Instagram Filter with Vangogh’s Starry Night as Backdrop
Instagram Filter with Vangogh’s Starry Night as Backdrop

For our next creative approach, we have our very own Instagram filter, with Van Gogh’s starry night painting as background. Relieve what it’s like living inside the works of one of the most famous artists of his time. As we bridge the gap between art and technology, these ArtTech apps can be found in Celine’s room, as well as be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.
Join us as we journey towards the future of art, by adding a creative approach to tech and push the boundaries of art. 

The possibilities are endless as we infuse art with tech. The following are the top 5 benefits of ArtTech: 

  • Increase Brand Loyalty – By applying and adding a creative approach to immersive tech, we can increase brand awareness and loyalty as users get to know more about the hidden layers usually left unsaid by the artists.
  • Influence Consideration – With the involvement of ArtTech, it provides a differentiating approach to market the product, in this case the artworks by the respective artists.
    With everything at the tip of their fingers, users can gain a deeper understanding and get up close and personal and even ‘live’ in the works of the artists, thereby influencing brand consideration.
  • Be the Market Leader – The concept of ArtTech is relatively new with little to no competition in the industry. Whichever brands that come on board first are bound to get the monopoly of the market.
    (E.g Facebook is one of the key players investing heavily in Augmented Reality)
  • Withstand the Test Of Time – Unlike traditional artwork, where varnish or other sealers (finishing) need to be applied to maintain the condition of the artworks, the application of ArtTech ensures that our works are all exempt from external factors.
    This includes direct sunlight and dust buildup that can potentially harm and devalue your paintings.
  • Deeper Appreciation towards the Arts – Many at times, people in the general community do not understand nor appreciate the value of the arts.
    To many who just see things at the surface level, they tend to think that the artwork is pleasing to the eye and it just ends there. There’s simply nothing beyond the initial visual appeal. Not thoughts, no emotions, simply nothing. ArtTech helps to bridge this gap by providing them a platform to experience the true beauty and understanding that lies beyond the surface level.

The Most Non Essential Game is just a small glimpse into the future of art – ArtTech. The possibilities are endless, especially when we (artists) apply a creative approach to technology. 

Keen to learn more and be part of the future of art? Do contact us for more information!

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